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Two by Jim Cartwright

Welcome! Welcome! Settle in, what you havin?

Besides that tipple, you're in for a night in a Northern Boozer like no other!


See Jim Cartwright's award winning and much loved play performed like never before!   Instead of TWO actors playing all the roles, all the roles are to be played by TWENTY TWO actors!


Meet you there, for Drinks, Drama, Live Karaoke, Quiz Night and Speed Dating. CHEERS!!


Performed by the Actors of Cartwright Drama Studio.

Written & Directed by (Olivier and Multi-Award winning) Jim Cartwright

Behind the bar of their northern pub, the Landlord and Landlady welcome their regulars with open arms. Lending an ear for stories of celebration, of loss, of love and of despair, the bickering couple work together to keep the locals in high spirits – with drinks, conversation and laughter.

But what is their story? As a lost boy turns up on their doorstep looking for his Dad, the couple must confront their own demons and perhaps, for the first time in years, talk to each other…

Performed by twenty two actors playing all characters for the first time since 'Two' was written in 1989, Jim Cartwright’s poignant play takes audiences into the world of one working-class pub over the course of one night. Weaving together rich stories full of human emotion, this dark-comedy gives an intimate insight into a variety of characters and will make you laugh, and cry, in equal measure.

Performance Dates & Times:

Tuesday 23rd May 2023 at 7pm

Wednesday 24th May 2023 at 1pm & 7pm

All performances are staged at:

The Empty Space Theatre 48 Kansas Avenue, Manchester M50 2GL 
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